Working hard at a job is appreciable of course but not at the risk to one’s life. It is therefore imperative to follow the guidelines laid down by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an outfit of the US Labor department. Sure, it is the responsibility of the employers first and foremost to educate the workers about the norms in order to keep the workplace safe and risk free. However, it is more effective when both the employees and employer come together to get an OSHA training in Texas and New York in order to remain safe from hazards at the work place.

Unfortunately, a number of members attending the OSHA classes in Philadelphia and Nevada question their trainers about the best course suitable for specific needs. The employers and experts in the chosen field are better equipped to answer the questions though. However, it might help to check the points below to understand the purpose and benefits of obtaining a training focused on various safety practices.

  • Who needs to be OSHA trained? – Almost all employees require a basic training about the safety practices and regulation pertaining to their area of operation. However, the employers too need to enroll in specific training courses in order to ensure that the work area remains free from hazards. It is up to the employer to decide on a specific training for his / her employees who are educated about the best way to remain safe in a risk prone zone while on the job. Both the 10 hour as well as the 30 hour training can provide useful inputs about recognition of hazards within the work place and protecting oneself in the best possible manner.

  • Construction Vs. General OSHA Training – While there are many other types of OSHA training available including Environment and Heavy lifting specific, it is construction training that happens to be commonly used. It is the employer who usually instructs his / her employees and takes the final decision though. It might help to know that a work environment that handles any kind of construction work including but not limited to building, repair, renovation, and decorative work along with painting comes under the purview of Construction industry and requires the construction safety training for its workers. The general safety training is concerned with the safety guidelines for manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, distribution & retail fields. In short, workers not engaged in construction, agriculture, or maritime industries can be safely assumed to require the general training.

  • 10 Or 30 Hour Training? – The 10 hour course is sufficient for entry level and junior employees usually but it is for the employer to decide eventually. The 30-hour OSHA training is more wide in scope and provides in-depth knowledge of safety. The leaders in various positions such as supervisors, managers, and site foremen normally shoulder the additional responsibility of keeping the working area safe and free from all sorts of hazards. Thus they need to opt for a more extensive OSHA training of 30 hours.

Completing an OSHA training course not only helps the employees to remain safe but it reduces the number mishaps at the workplace significantly.


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